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Handicap Races
  Car Ken Jay Trophy    
  Bike Ray Le Poidevin Trophy    
April 20th Car PMG Trophy Faye Downs  
April 20th Bike Coronation Cup Marcus Crittell  
May 12th Car Rex Collins Mark Le Page  
May 12th Bike  Slater Trophy Paul Le Messurier  
May 19th Car Martel Trophy Mark Le Page  
June 15th Car Winslow Trophy Gary Le Page  
June 15th Bike  Thoumine Trophy     Kevin Rumens  
July 6th Car Jardin Renault Jamie Le Page  
July 6th Bike Silver Goblet Luke Bush  
August 3rd Car  Victoria Trophy Matthew Board  
August 3rd Bike Coronation Vase Paul Le Messurier  
August 18th Car Winslow Trophy Gary Le Page  
Silver Goblet   Rex Collins Silver Goblet Metro Cup
Winslow Trophy    Thoumine Trophy     Winslow Trophy Coronation Cup
Ray Le Poidevin Trophy   Jardin Renault Ray Le Poidevin Trophy  Victoria Trophy
Pealing Carey Trophy   Coronation Vase PMG Trophy Cohu & Guillou
 Slater Trophy   Moullin Trophy Ken Jay Trophy  Le Feuvre Trophy
Connington Trophy   King of the Beach Scramble Trophy Martel Trophy
Coronation Cup Marcus Crittell Connington Trophy Matt Board
Slater Trophy Paul Le Messurier Ken Jay Trophy n/a
Thoumine Trophy Kevin Rumens PMG Trophy Faye Downs
Le Feuvre trophy Paul Le Messurier Rex Collins Trophy Mark Le Page
King of the Beach Ricky Rive Jardin Renault Trophy Jamie Le Page
Silver Goblet Luke Bush Martel Trophy  Mark Le Page
Pealing Carey Jarrod Carrington Moulin Challenge Trophy Jamie Le Page
Coronation Vase Paul Le Messurier Victoria Trophy Matt Board
Winslow Trophy Gary Le Page